Socks: Tips for Looking After Your Feet

There are few simple things we can do to look after our socks - and, by extension, our feet - that we often overlook.

Socks: Tips for Looking After Your Feet

- We recommend washing your socks inside out at a maximum of 86F to preserve the quality of the fiber. We strongly discourage dry cleaning.

- It's also important to avoid tumble-drying. We recommend that you lay your socks out flat and leave them to air-dry.

- We recommend storing your socks in a dry, dark place (away from humidity and light which can damage textile fibers).

- After hiking, don't leave your socks scrunched up in balls. It's better to turn them inside out or lay them out flat, especially if you need to reuse them a few times and are unable to wash them.

- Change your socks at the first sign of wear; don't carry on hiking wearing worn socks. We strongly recommend changing your socks to prevent rubbing or injury.

- Never iron them as this can damage the elastic.


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