The Benefits of Sailing

New to the world of sailing? Newcomers can discover all new challenges and sometimes may find something unexpected about sailing! This challenging sport provides are sorts of benefits for the body and mind!

The Benefits of Sailing


1. The Therapeutic Benefits of Sailing

When you need to wind down, do you tend to think of yoga, Pilates or other relaxing sports? Now, you can think of sailing! Sailing is renowned for its therapeutic virtues, and in particular its potential to overcome stress. The concentration required at sea and the contemplation of glorious seascapes can banish everyday stress and worries. What’s more, the iodine and negative ions in the sea air can relieve headaches. So what if a healthy dose of sea air was to become your new way of winding down? 

2. It’s a Complete Sport

Forget your cardio workouts, endless jogging, and tortuous abdominal exercises! Sailing is a complete full body sport. Even a quick offshore out looking for the ideal spot to sunbathe requires physical effort. Without you realizing, raising the mainsail will tone up your muscles! And that's not all: you will also perfect your balance to avoid slipping on the deck, and will improve your sense of coordination. 

So what will it be, a trip to the gym or some offshore sailing?

3. Sailing into Adventure

In the 15th century, it took weeks, or even months, to experience new adventures and discover the unknown, without even knowing where you were going. While you may never become a Renaissance explorer, you will still experience the sense of escape and adventure that is unique to great voyages of discovery. Do you know just how beautiful the Earth looks from the sea?

So why not take the initiative to create your own adventure that will be well worth experiencing!

4. Sailing is the School of Life

We always have something new to learn, no matter how old we are! Sailing or yachting teaches you how to take good care of your boat, your crew, and everyone's safety. Your pleasure is based on an understanding of a few essential notions of responsibility. Sailing for the weekend or a whole week, in the confined space of a boat, with a sailing club or the family, teaches you all about living in a community. Sailing is even better than a holiday camp!

So you have no more excuses for skipping an offshore trip. Sailing is great for the mind and body, and every trip is a little adventure in its own right. See you at sea!

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