The Benefits of Stand Up Paddle

In addition to being very accessible, Stand up paddle (SUP) also brings many benefits to the body as well as the spirit. You won't even know your exercising! At the same time, you'll also get to see our planet from a whole new point of view!

The Benefits of Stand Up Paddle
1. Tone your muscles

Stay in shape while having fun. Rowing on the stand up paddle, even at slow pace, requires a lot of cardio and muscle:

           - legs that provide stability (proprioception),
           - the abdominal belt that transmits the rowing effort to the board
           - the upper body (shoulders, arms, dorsal) which is activated in the rowing movement.

If you use an inflatable paddle, using the pump for a few minutes to reach the correct inflation pressure is also a good way to warm up before practice.

2. Go on an adventure

On the water, everything is different. Evolving on the water in an unfamiliar environment is like going on an adventure near our home, rediscovering the land from the water, going where you've never been before. You can easily reach very quiet places in the countryside. This feeling of freedom and discovery is exhilarating and makes it easy to get rid of your daily worries. Be careful, you may want to go back to the water again right after!

3. Family fun

An easy nautical sport to share. With a single stand up paddle, you can have fun with your family. It's easy to bring your kids at the front of the board. And you will see that they will soon want to try to stand up and paddle like you! And if you have a second stand up paddle, you get the 2-way getaways on the water, where everything is quiet.

4. Starting a new sport

You can paddle all year round. Just can't get enough? You can go for longer and longer tours along the coast at sea, on a lake or on a river by loading your board with waterproof bags. You can even participate in local races with a long, slender board!

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