These are the Types of Dynamic Yoga to Try

These are the Types of Dynamic Yoga to Try

The very heart of yoga practice is ‘abyhasa’ – steady effort in the direction you want to go.” – Sally Kempton

If you’re looking to connect with your mind, body and spirit while looking for the extra challenge of pushing these elements to the next step, dynamic yoga is perfect for you. Let’s take a look at the varying types of practice for dynamic yoga:


This style lies on the contemporary side of yoga and can vary from teacher-to-teacher, but the foundational elements all remain the same in terms of poses, sequences and duration. Two types of vinyasa include Ashtanga and Power, which carry these elements in various forms. Ashtanga classes remain close to its roots by repetitive sequences, while Power classes allow the teacher to mix up the poses whichever way they please. Many instructors create a seamless flow of poses that focus on the core, lower back, and other muscles while synchronizing one’s breath to their movements. This connection between breath and movement is the core to any vinyasa flow.

Best for: A great workout focused on toning. Vinyasa flows target areas of the body that become toned when used frequently and help the individual learn to connect their breathing with their workout.

dynamic yoga decathlon

Prepare to release any and all toxins you may be holding in your body with this 90 minute, 104℉ class. Although you may leave the room when desired, traditional practice encourages you to stay in the room the full 90 minutes, allowing your body to receive the benefits as deep as possible. This practice consists of 26 pre-established postures with each posture performed twice in a row. This combined with two separate breathing techniques creates the ultimate Bikram flow, and has you feeling flexible, balanced and rejuvenated after completed.

Best for: Anyone seeking purity and a sense of balance at the end of your practice. This class not only loosens up the entire body and expands the lungs, but it also pushes individuals to sweat out the bad and breathe in the good.

dynamic yoga decathlon


Similar to Ashtanga roots from Vinyasa flows, Jivamukti consists of a fast-paced, sequential structure and pushes the limit of the body, mind and spirit throughout one’s flow. Most famous in the Western yogi communities, Jivamukti typically includes a theme each class and incorporates chants and messages based on ancient practices.

Best for: Anyone looking for both a spiritual and physical push of their body. Reminding oneself of yoga’s ancient roots while combining it with pushing the physical element to its limits, this class will leave one experiencing clarity and strength.


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