Three Good Reasons to Use a Cross Trainer

Three Good Reasons to Use a Cross Trainer

Cross trainers help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, look no further! The cross trainer is just what you need: half an hour per day on the cross trainer, working at 70% of your maximum heart rate, will shed excess fat incredibly efficiently. Not only will the exercises seem easier because they use all of your muscles, but on top of that you'll also burn more calories. Rather than targeting just one part of the body, you're spreading out the difficulty. It's yet another reason to stay motivated and get faster, more satisfying results.

The cross trainer tones 80% of your muscles

It's a piece of fitness equipment that really does your muscles good! With the cross trainer, no part of your body is spared. It's all about teamwork: pushing on the pedals works your thighs, glutes and calves, while your arms, shoulders and pecs are busy moving the handles. Another benefit is that the machine's movements force you to stand upright (great for anyone with back pain) and help your abs contract naturally.

Cross trainers go easy on your joints

The fact that it poses no danger to your joints and no risk of injury is one of the cross trainer's main advantages. The elliptical motion reproduces the natural motion of running by distributing your body weight equally between your legs. The result: you spare your joints from impacts and work your muscles without any jerkiness. Athletes regularly use cross trainers for keeping physically fit and for recovering from injury.

Our coach's tips

- Warm up gently for 10 minutes at a walking pace

- Gradually accelerate and do 15 minutes at the right pace for your endurance capacity (you're training at the right speed if you can hold a conversation or speak aloud without getting out of breath)

- Slow things down for a 5-minute cool-down

You've now got 3 great reasons for using a cross trainer. If you want to start seeing the results, train at least twice per week, for 45 minutes, spacing out your workouts. And don't forget to drink and stretch afterwards! If you're unsure about anything or if you suffer from heart or back problems, osteoarthritis or weak knees, consult your doctor.

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