What Parts of the Body Does a Cross Trainer Work?

What Parts of the Body Does a Cross Trainer Work?
Strength training, toning and better performances: a cross trainer can do it all!

Which muscles does the cross trainer work?

Generally speaking, when you use a cross trainer you are working your arm and leg muscles (quadriceps, calves, hamstrings), and your glutes. You can tone the whole of your body when combining a cross-trainer session with muscle strengthening exercises.

How to burn calories on a cross trainer

The effectiveness of your cross-trainer session can often be measured by the number of calories you burn. The first thing to be aware of is that the more you work your muscles, the more energy you will expend.

Your workout will be more effective if you keep your hands on the moving handles rather than the fixed handlebar, because that way you'll be engaging your biceps and triceps.

You also need to choose your cross trainer carefully because the scale of the elliptical movement your machine makes impacts on the muscle groups it works and therefore on the number of calories burned in each session.

How to focus on one particular part of the body

Unfortunately, there's no way of working specifically on any one part of your body that you might be unhappy with.

What you can do, though, is try things like back pedaling. It's been shown that it works the arms, and the triceps brachii in particular, harder.

It's also important to get in the right position on the cross trainer. The more you keep your back straight and engage your muscles, the more you will work your abdominal muscles right the way through your sessions.

If you want to target the internal abdominal muscles and the thighs, try pedaling with your knees bent at 90°.


You now know everything there is to know about the benefits a cross trainer can have for your body. Don't forget, though, that the key to success is being consistent. Two 45-minute sessions a week, leaving a couple of days in between, are recommended to achieve genuine results. We can also offer you a four-week training program to help you stay motivated.

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