What's the Perfect Soccer Shoe?

As football players, there is a question we've all asked ourselves at some point. What is the perfect soccer shoe? The flagship item in a player's kit, your choice of shoe is particularly important…

What's the Perfect Soccer Shoe?
For Good Performance, You Need the Right Shoes! 

 It might seem obvious, but to perform well, you need to play with a pair of boots that suits your needs, your style of play, your body type…
Although it's sometimes tempting to choose the most stylish or the highest-end boot, that isn't always the right choice. As our partner podiatrist, who has worked in the football world for many years, reminds us: "the most important thing for a football boot is comfort. You also need to be sure that its technical features are suited to the level of the player. "


A Few Criteria to Consider: Comfort, Light Weight, Durability…

As said before, in all cases, you need to opt for a comfortable shoe. It is essential that you feel good, so that you can concentrate on your game and not on any irritation or pain.

The other parameter to consider is your style of play. If you are a rugged player who likes contact, we recommend choosing a durable boot and avoiding the very lightweight models that promote ball feel but don't protect much from more vigorous contact.
If, on the other hand, you are the type to dribble a lot and need to feel the ball as much as possible, go for a lighter pair that will allow you to get closer to a barefoot feel.
If you don't see yourself in either of those two portraits, we recommend choosing a boot that includes the main product benefits sought by football players. That will allow you to benefit from a number of features without any single feature being pushed to the extreme.


Foot Biomechanics, Another Point to Consider

To make it simple, foot biomechanics is the study of the different structures of the foot and how they function, which can also influence your choice of football boots. You need to consider any possible foot or ankle deformities (which can occur after repeated injuries, for example).


Is There a Model That Is Better Than All the Others?

There are many debates over what is the best football boot of all time. Just like all the neverending discussions over whether Ronaldo or Messi is the best player in the world, it seems like there is no universal answer - it depends on so many different criteria.


Risks of Wearing Unsuitable Shoes?

"A great number of injuries are tied to a poor choice of shoe. Over 90% of back problems are related to the feet," notes our partner podiatrist.
It can therefore prove dangerous to wear unsuitable boots, with injuries extending well beyond the ankles or feet. A great number of soccer injuries affect the lower limbs, so it is essential to pay particular attention to your No. 1 "work tool": your shoes


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