Why Have Protein for Breakfast?

Why Have Protein for Breakfast?

By taking protein at breakfast time, you reduce attacks of the munchies and the resulting nibbles, by increasing fullness from early morning. You also prevent nocturnal catabolism, stimulate the organism as soon as you wake up, regulate blood sugar and limit the increase of body fat. After fasting overnight, your muscles need protein and carbohydrates to build themselves up and recuperate.

How can you include protein in your breakfast?

Your breakfast should be made up of animal or plant protein, cereal, oilseeds and dried or fresh fruit. There are many ways to make a high-protein breakfast.

For those who like to indulge at breakfast-time, we recommend rolled oat pancakes smeared with almond purée or a touch of honey or maple syrup to taste. It is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Ideally, prepare your mixture the night before and add a bit of milk in the morning before cooking, as the oats will have absorbed a large quantity overnight. To give some variety, you can add chocolate chips, mashed banana or grated apple to the mixture before you cook the pancakes.

Other alternatives involve scrambled eggs or omelettes, combined with wholegrain bread or fresh fruit, or even porridge.

There is also the full English breakfast version, with eggs, bacon and toast, smothered with maple syrup.

High-protein breakfast for weight training

For breakfast, it is advisable to take between 0.4 and 0.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight. (32 g to 48 g for a man weighing 80 kg)

A high-protein powdered shake, such as whey or casein, can also do the job, when combined with carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and healthy fats. Ideally, take your whey as soon as you wake up and wait 30 minutes to have the rest of your breakfast. This will help the protein and amino acids be better absorbed by the body. But don't forget that sleep is just as important!

Here's an example of a simple breakfast:

• A high-protein powdered shake (whey or casein)

• Wholegrain bread and almond purée and fresh fruit OR Rolled oats, milk, almonds or walnuts, some fresh or dried fruit or some honey.

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