Backpacks With Cooler Compartments

Backpacks With Cooler Compartments

About Our Backpack Cooler Pockets Collection

Looking to go on an adventure? Whether you’re going on a short hike or setting out on a long adventure, Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the perfect gear for you! 


We have a variety of backpacks to suit your every need. Our hiking backpacks are tough and rugged while staying comfortable and lightweight. They are designed to fit all your adventuring needs while staying stylish. We even have a kids’ version so the whole family can go on an adventure! We also have shoulder bags for your everyday needs.

Cooler Pockets

Many of our hiking backpacks come with a cooler pocket so you can keep your food and drinks chilled on your trip. Our insulated cooler pockets have a special technology that keeps your food and drinks cool for longer. If you’re looking for a way to keep your food warm, we also have a technology that keeps your food steaming. 

Trekking Poles

If you’re going on a longer trip, you’ll need a hiking pole to get you up that next hill and to the next campsite. Our hiking poles are lightweight and foldable so you can easily put them away when not in use. They come in a variety of styles and lengths so you can find the one that’s right for you. 

Backpack Accessories

Don’t forget your hiking gear! We have a variety of accessories for your backpack, including raincovers, pouches, and more. We also have a variety of things you might need on your trip, like first aid kits and hiking clothing.