Backpack With Luggage Strap

Backpack With Luggage Strap

About Our Backpack with Luggage Straps Collection

Going on a trip? Trekking around the world, going on a spiritual journey, or just going on a long weekend? Our backpack brand, Quechua, has you covered. We have both front and top loading backpacking backpacks that come in a variety of sizes. Some even come with additional features, such as a waterproof design, a foam back, and more! 

Trekking Backpacks

Our hiking backpacks are made to handle all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. They’re waterproof and ventilated to keep your gear dry on wet and muggy days. They are equipped with multiple pockets to keep your gear organized, including a special pocket for your cell phone so you can stay in touch with your friends on the trail. Quechua also designs backpacks with extra features, including foam backs to make your hike more comfortable.

Sleeping Bags and Accessories

Looking to stay warm? Our sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm in the cold and damp wilderness. They’re lightweight and compact so you can take one on your travels without adding to your load. And if you’re looking to add some more comfort to your tent, we have camping mats that are perfect for your floor and couch. 

Backpack Accessories

Quechua also designs accessories for your hiking and camping needs. We provide accessories for your backpack, including pouches and bags that are perfect for storing your gear and keeping your kitchen tidy on your travels. We also make accessories for your tent, including tent pegs and poles.