Blackout Tents

Blackout Tents

About Our Blackout Tents Collection

Going camping? Spending some time in the outdoors? Our blackout tents are perfect for your short-term shelter needs. These tents are designed to be quick and easy to set up so you can get on with your adventures. They are compact when folded away so you can take them on your journeys without taking up too much space. The tents are made of polyester and have a waterproof coating so you can stay dry even in bad weather.


At Decathlon, we have an in-house gear brand, Artengo, that designs and tests out new products like hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, and more. Artengo also designs hiking clothing and footwear that meet the needs of your trails and your city. We have a whole host of hiking gear to outfit you for your adventures in the city and the wilderness. 

Blackout Tent Accessories

We have everything you need to set up your blackout tent, including ground sheets to protect against moisture and rocks, camping chairs to relax in, and camping tables to play games on. We also have a variety of camping accessories like flashlights, lanterns, pails, and more. We even have socks specially made for hiking, running, and backpacking. 

We have all the gear you need to make your trip to the great outdoors safe, fun, and fulfilling. If you’re looking for something extra, we have hiking gear that’ll fulfill all your needs.