Comfortable Hiking Backpacks

Comfortable Hiking Backpacks

About Our Comfortable Hiking Backpacks Collection

Going on a long hike? Traveling to a new city and need a bag to carry all your new found treasures in? Decathlon’s Artengo hiking & camping brand has everything you need for your excursion, including our comfortable backpacks. They’re designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable, perfect for your travels. Our hiking backpacks come in a variety of sizes and styles, including some with load-bearing technology so you can carry more. We also have hip bags so you can have your hands free while on the move. 

Hiking Boots 

No hike is complete without the right pair of hiking boots. We have hiking boots that are designed to be comfortable, durable, and waterproof so you can tackle any terrain in any weather. Our hiking boots are made to be lightweight but strong, with some featuring extra cushioning for added comfort on the trail. Once you’re done, wash your gear in our washing machines so you can get right back out there.

Socks and Accessories

No hike is complete without the right socks. We provide hiking socks to keep your feet comfortable and dry on even the most demanding trails. We also make toe socks so you can keep going even in the muddiest conditions. Once you’re done, store your gear for your next go!