Compact Hiking Backpacks

Compact Hiking Backpacks

About Our Compact Hiking Backpacks Collection

Going on a weekend trip? Spending the night at a campsite? Going on a multi-day adventure? No matter what you’re up to, we’ve got you covered. Our hiking backpacks are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic while staying durable and waterproof so they can keep up with you on your journey. We engineer our hiking backpacks to be compact so they’re easy to carry around and don’t get in the way when you’re on the move. Our backpacks are made to withstand the elements and the tough conditions of the outdoors. They’re waterproof so your stuff stays dry. Many of our backpacks feature water repellent technology so they’re even more durable in the face of inclement weather. 


At Decathlon, we have an in-house brand that designs and develops hiking gear, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, exclusively for the outdoors. Artengo designs hiking backpacks that are durable, comfortable, and waterproof so you can take your most important things with you on your journey. Our hiking backpacks are perfect for your short trips and long-distance hikes. 

Hiking Clothing and Footwear

No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for hiking boots, we have high-end hiking boots that are perfect for all your trails and terrains, including rocky and wet ones. We also create hiking shoes, including hiking sandals for your more relaxed outings. We have hiking pants that are perfect for your trip and the tough conditions. And don’t forget about socks! For more heavy-duty trips, we create hiking jackets and pants that are durable and waterproof.