Women's Sport Bras

Women's Sport Bras

About Our Women's Sport Bra Collection

Looking to get into some intense workouts? Whether you’re a new or seasoned runner, or just starting to get into your new HIIT habit, we have the perfect sports bra for you. 

Domyos and Kalenj

Domyos and Kalenji , our exercise and running brands, design the perfect workout bras for your high impact exercises and for your runs at the track, on the treadmill, or around the city! Our sports bras provide high support, specifically engineered to reduce bounce while staying comfortable with a soft material with minimal to no seams! Our moisture-wicking fabric makes sure you’re not bogged down while you exercise, and some of our bras feature mesh-lace ventilation to promote breathability. 

Anatomically designed to fit your form, some of our sports bras feature removable pads or slots specifically designed to accommodate inserts. Our bras will never hinder you while you move, ensuring enough flexibility to maneuver with you even during your most intense movements. 

All of Decathlon’s sports bras are adjustable so you can find the fit that is perfect for you, with some featuring a zip front for maximum. They’re all engineered to be easy to put on, take off, and adjust, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable while you exercise. Still trying to figure out which is right for you? Let us help!