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1 Mountain Walking Pole A200

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Model: 8493796

Product Features

1 Mountain Walking Pole A200 is designed for occasional hikers, on level and hilly terrain: hiking routes, pathways, woodland.

Already equipped for the mountains: longer handle for banking terrain, adjustable wrist strap. And the same simple Push-pin adjustment system.

A photo of the 1 Mountain Walking Pole A200 in use

Ergonomic grip

Soft foam handle, 2D design. Pommel on the top. Adjustable wrist strap


Very simple push-pin system (push button). 43.3"/15.3"/47.2"/49.2"/51.2"


8.1 oz / pole

Compact design

3 telescopic parts. Collapsed length: 22.4"


Aluminum 7075-T6 / 6061-T6. Large tube diameter 20/18/16 mm. Tungsten tip


Supplied with removable replaceable summer basket.Tip can be replaced via theASS

Product Customer Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars
772 Reviews
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Rubber Stub

Will be perfect if it comes with a removable rubber stub for the tip

Choon Peng
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good trekking poles

This pole has a cushion grip for a comfortable hold. I used this pole for my mountain trekking and it provided good support especially during descending. However the push pin button was a little hard getting used to.

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Hi Afiqah,

Great to receive your feedback on our hiking poles.

We also have hiking poles with a different adjusting system.

I would like to also recommend you this particular popular model of hiking poles that provides excellent shock absorption together with an easy adjustment system!

Check it out here in this link:

I would also like to share a quick tip for you! Hiking poles are suppose to be used in pair because it will not only provide you balance, it would also help to relieve the weight and strain from your hips and knees to share it evenly with your arms, chest and shoulders. 


"Hike more, worry less"
Good quality and value for money hiking pole

Quality product and value for money hiking pole. Great for both beginners & intermediate hikers.

icon-circle-checkmark verified purchase
Hi Siew Kuan,

Thank you for your kind feedback and great to know that you like our hiking poles!

Just a simple tip in case you have only gotten one of the pole, the hiking poles work even better using it in a pair!

As a pair of hiking pole will provide you the perfect balance you need while hiking and evenly distribute the work between your arms and knees. =)

Hope to see you back in store to check out other interesting products we have!


"Hike more, worry less"
Very good

Very helpful

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Nice effective walking pole with firm grip

My parents used this walking pole to trek towards Deoriyatal, it was drizzling continuously but still the pole had a firm grip and good balance that helped them trek upwards and decent back easily. I recommend this to everyone, it's nice adjustable and easy to carry.

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Sturdy but noisy

Great sturdy pole that got me through the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker. Good for many different terrains but they make a lot of noise. The noise is more noticeable on compact surfaces especially when the foot traffic noise is lower. Pump the tunes louder for a more enjoyable walk

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Can't get it to work

Just bought one of these today. The top section clicks into place no problem, but the lower section does not - there is a hole, presumably for a raised bit to click in, but there doesn't seem to be one. Help please!

The best poles ever!

I’ve used many hiking poles in my time but these take the cake!

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It is very useful

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Works great for my Nov2018 Everest Base Camp trek!

I decided to take a chance on these poles, and am glad I did. At $13 per pole, these boys lasted the entire trek, taking on more than 150km in distance, and going as high as 5400m in altitude across Everest Base Camp, Cho La and Gyoko Ri. For reference, I am 1.75m and 91kg, and the poles supported my weight pretty well. I did adjust the poles regularly, making them slightly shorter for uphill, and extending their length as we went down. Note: the spring mechanism holding the poles together seems to freeze up in -10 degrees C, so I did not adjust the poles then. I am not sure if they will break if I tried to do so. I bought the poles at $13 each and at this price, I will highly recommend it. They performed remarkably for me. As per the other reviews, there is soft whistling sound if the wind gets strong, as the holes in your pole transforms it into a flute, but the sound was not loud enough to bother me.

Very lightweight

I used this pole on my trekking trip in the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. It is very lightweight and convenient to use; it helped me a lot specially in downhill slopes. This is one of my greatest buy from Decathlon !

Mark Anthony
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No option to fold completely to opens afer foldin

Average product

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Average Product

It is a good Product & value for money. It could be made better by increasing strength of this walking pole. It's little elastic nature make me feel that it will break if I put on more weight.

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Good value product

Used this product with the wider snow basket (sold separately) in the NSW Alpine back country. It did it's job and held up well. Would recommend it if you are going snowshoeing.

Broke for the first time use

The trek pole broke within 10 hours of use. While coming downhill.

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Hello Kishore,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are extremely sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience during the Trek. I would like to inform you that your safety remains at the core of everything we do at Decathlon. I am attaching a video link to the various tests we conduct to guarantee our users comfort and safety. Link: are my tips on using the right height for the right surface which could be one of the reasons for this incident: When you are at the Flat surface, adjust the height of the pole so that your arms are at 90-degree position holding the pole. From this height, decrease the height of 5-10 cm while ascending, and increase 5-10 cm from the flat surface height while you are walking downhill. Trekking poles provide additional support by reduces the impact on your knees, by distributing the weight of your backpack and also providing support from falling down but it is always advised to rely on your foot to test the ground and then use the pole to propel along. I hope this information helps.

Also the poles, you have picked are not recommended for treks of longer duration, I would request you kindly to let me know your usage which will allow me to suggest the best ones for your usage. I stay available if you need any further assistance with our products 

Sandeep NAIR
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Additional Product Information


Shaft : 100.0% Aluminum Handle : 100.0% Polypropylene

How it was designed...

This model is designed and validated by our team, at the foot of the Mont Blanc. This model uses the chassis of the A100, which we have "boosted" to get it ready to take on the mountains! It retains the push-pin adjustment system and over-sized tubes. However, it can be set higher (51.2"), has an adjustable wrist strap, essential to lean on it, a long foam handle for multi-position grip and a tungsten carbide tip to withstand rock.

How to adjust your poles to the correct length?

Hold the poles with your arms bent at a right angle. To adjust the length: press the button to release it from the hole, slide the tube until the button reaches the hole at the desired length. Use the line printed on the lower tube to align the button with the holes. Never go over the STOP line to avoid breaking the pole.

Directions for use

These hiking poles are designed to help you balance, propel yourself and spread the effort between the arms and legs. To increase safety, before you start and at regular intervals, check your pole's locking mechanism by pressing down hard on it. Do not attach to your rucksack in stormy weather.

Care instructions

Maintaining your poles properly enable you to maintain optimal function and increases their lifespan. After use, if water has got into the pole, take the parts apart and allow to dry. Clean any dust and mud with water or without, with a soft brush or paintbrush. Once dry, you can reassemble the parts. We recommend that you do not try to oil or grease them.

Product testing

To set our thresholds, we have measured the stresses on the poles in the most demanding situations. During the design stage, each model passes laboratory tests that reproduce these stresses; etc.) until rupture. We also tests parts separately (tightening power, tearing, etc). Finally, these tests are regularly repeated during production to guarantee constant quality.

Storage instructions

Store the poles without tightening the adjustment system, to avoid stress and retain their hold power. Store poles in a dry place.


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