How To Choose Your Sports Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses during sports protects our eyes from UV rays and other possible damage. Eyes need to be very focused while we partake in our favorite sport. Hiking, ski, cycling, running, kitesurfing. So, how do you make sure to choose suitable sunglasses?

How To Choose Your Sports Sunglasses

There are 3 different types of sports sunglasses: mountain sports sunglasses (hiking and skiing), water sports sunglasses (sailing, kitesurfing, kayaking) and cycling & running sunglasses.


1. Hiking and Ski Sunglasses

In the mountains, UV rays are even stronger. Wraparound sunglasses are more suitable for hiking and skiing. These sunglasses have a curved shape to fit your head and face shape and to protect your eyes. It is even more important at high altitude, with stronger brightness, reflection on snow, wind, etc


2. Sailing and Kitesurfing Sunglasses

If you sail on the open seas, if you kitesurf on a board or kayak on rivers, sunglasses are necessary to protect you from sun rays.

However, the sunglasses can easily drop in the water. Therefore, floating sunglasses are ideal for water sports.


3. Cycling and Running Sunglasses

Cycling and running sunglasses have a specific shape to prevent from fogging.

With a semi-rimless shape, those sunglasses are very comfortable to wear Very convenient for endurance sports such as cycling, mountain biking, running, trail racing, etc

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