Backpacks: Behind the scenes

Backpacks: Behind the scenes

How Decathlon creates and tests high-quality backpacks

We’re on a mission to get you pumped about the mountains. That’s why every day, at the foot of Mont Blanc, Decathlon’s expert crew of hikers and backpackers intentionally stray from the beaten path to discover what makes the ultimate adventure. And while your own expeditions might not get as technically challenging (or dirty), we still strive to create high-quality gear that gives you the best-possible experience. Let’s take a look at how we develop our signature outdoors backpacks — from design sketches to real-world testing.


Want a Decathlon backpack right now?

It all starts with what you want on your next adventure.

Our backpack product experts begin by listening to your unique needs and observing the smallest details about your backpacking expeditions. We’re so dedicated to your feedback that some of our best backpacks were co-designed with our most passionate customers!

Watch a blank page become a work of rugged art.

Welcome to our designers’ creative playground. Here, we experiment with every variable that will affect your adventure: the shape of the backpack, the right size-to-weight ratio, the pockets, the straps, the buckles. Our list is long, but we always end up with a blueprint for a durable backpack made of eco-friendly, easily repairable components.



Our best ideas become a physical reality.

After we sketch the perfect backpack, our workshop technicians get busy creating physical prototypes — not just one, but several versions! We find the right configuration and assembly, so the backpack feels good on your back as much as it looks good on paper.

We push our backpacks to the limit for you.

Now for the really fun part! We take our favorite prototypes through a zero-compromise gauntlet of lab tests and actual customer hikes. Everything about the backpack is carefully analyzed — its strength, its functionality, even how it conforms to different body types. All testers must give their unconditional seal of approval.

Make the journey with your new backpack.

And voilà! A new Decathlon backpack is ready for your next adventure. But we don’t just release our new products into the wild and forget about them. We’ll keep reading your reviews and feedback so we can continue improving our gear. You might even help us create our next amazing backpack!

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10-Year Warranty

Designed and tested in the Mont Blanc Valley, Decathlon's hiking backpacks are guaranteed for 10 years. Durability is essential – our backpacks are ready to go the extra mile. All our products are built to perform and made to last.

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