Meet Decathlon's Backpacking Brand, Forclaz

Meet Decathlon's Backpacking Brand, Forclaz

If you ever dreamed of losing yourself in the vast expanse of California’s wilderness, or along the winding streets of another country, Decathlon’s backpacking brand, Forclaz (FOR-KLAH), is here to accompany you.

Our team is comprised of passionate backpackers based both in our Forclaz design center at the foot of the Mont Blanc in France, and across the world in every Decathlon store. 

Our name

Forclaz. In old French, this refers to a "little fork" and in current day, is most commonly used to describe a narrow pass between two peaks.

Our mission

To make backpacking accessible for the greatest amount of people so that they can partake in life-changing experiences while camping and hiking in the outdoors. We make not only backpacks but everything to keep your backpack moving with you.

Our values

Humility, solidarity, engagement, vitality and responsibility. It is by respecting these values that, together, we dare create ambitious projects, an immense source of adventure and growth.

Our obsession

Satisfy the needs of backpackers across the globe. Your desires are an essential resource for us in order to perfect our products. 

Our engagement

Durability and sustainability. Durable, because it is imperative for a backpacker to trust the gear--from head to toe--that will enable their journey, whether it lasts a few days or a few months! Sustainable, because the better the product is made and the easier it is to fix, the more adventures you can share with it.

Forclaz: for backpackers by backpackers


Our Backpacking Trek 700 boots were made for rugged trekking in the mountains, with a Vibram sole that allows for excellent grip. The Outdry membrane ensures the shoe remains waterproof and the strap system offers great foot support.

The line recognized the immediate need for all-season wear, like the Forclaz 900 pants, to withstand multiple days of trekking for unpredictable weather patterns. With its windproof, water repellent, and quick dry properties, these pants are the perfect companion on your trip. They're highly durable and allow for freedom of movement as well, which is just what you need to glide over those mountains!

After observing that many backpacking enthusiasts were unsure how to properly adjust their packs, we created the Easyfit line to facilitate easier adjusting. This allows for maximum comfort that lasts through your multi-day trek. 



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