Meet Decathlon's Ski and Snowboard Brand, Wed'ze

Meet Decathlon's Ski and Snowboard Brand, Wed'ze

Born in 2006, Wed’ze is Decathlon’s brand for skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

From downhill skiing to freestyle snowboarding, Wed’ze aims to bring the sensation of gliding over snow to everyone, no matter their level or style of practice.

The Wed’ze design headquarters are located near many ski resorts at the heart of the French Alps, in the mythical Mont Blanc valley.

It’s here, surrounded by skiiers and snowboarders, that Wed’ze’s designers, model makers, project leaders and engineers come up with technical equipment adapted to the wants and needs of athletes. We only have one goal: to make you happy.



Wed’ze’s mountain store is located at Passy, the foot of Mont Blanc. It unites all of Wed’ze’s teams near many skiiers, snowboarders and ski resorts.

Seventy people create and work on products in response to the needs of passionate athletes. Here, we put our users at the heart of the creation and development process.

Our community’s goal is to make skiing and snowboarding accessible to all who want to practice with high-quality, safe, and affordable equipment.

Florence Valcke, International Director, Wed’ze

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