Why Do We Have Women's Specific Backpacking Packs?

Why Do We Have Women's Specific Backpacking Packs?

The era of shrink it and pink it, wherein men’s products are made smaller and painted pink for women, is over! Continuing its pursuit of user specific design, Decathlon’s backpacking brand Forclaz designs with women in mind, ensuring that each product caters to their needs. Examples of this can be seen throughout Forclaz’s new Spring/Summer mountain backpacking collection, though it is most specifically visible in our women's backpack design.

The women's new Mountain Backpacking 50+10L Trek 900 is a great example of a pack designed with the female backpacker in mind. Tailored for the female body, the pack's torso length is adjustable to fit women of all shapes and sizes. Whereas some packs fit smaller women and only propose a smaller carrying capacity (40L instead of 50L), Forclaz knows all too well that a shorter women are often carrying nearly 40% of their own bodyweight and are looking for a bigger pack that still fits them correctly. Additionally, taller women who in the past have had to purchase men's backpacking packs because of their longer torso, also get to benefit from wearing a pack specifically built to suit their needs.

In addition to torso length, shoulder straps hip belts play a key role in comfort and must be adapted to fit the female body. All backpacks in the Mountain Backpacking range have adjustable shoulders straps enabling women to move them closer or further away from their necks to better fit their female form, ensuring a much more comfortable experience. Additionally, the hip belts are ergonomic with a more contoured line, guaranteeing better movement and comfort.

So, do you absolutely need a women's specific backpack?

No, especially as these tend to be slightly pricier than unisex backpacks. However, if there's any investment to make as you begin your journey into backpacking over longer distance, it's in your backpack. As we all know, hiking long distances with weight on your back is hard enough, but doing it uncomfortably is just brutal. 


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