3 Types of Backpacking Adventures

3 Types of Backpacking Adventures

At Decathlon, our backpacking brand Forclaz understands that backpackers are resourceful and adaptable with their gear. Traveling across the globe for two years? Of course you can use an overstuffed 40L Quechua backpack and regular sneakers to scale a mountain in Nepal, wander the streets of Istanbul, and traverse the sands of the Sahara. But why should you have to? This basis for Forclaz's product development teams stems from the idea that you should be able to have affordable gear built for your specific adventure. Different environments provide very different experiences, thus requiring different backpacking gear. This year, Forclaz is proud to provide a product range for three different backpacking environments: mountain, travel, and desert. 


mountain backpacking forclaz decathlon

Mountain Backpacking

Do you love losing yourself in the immensity of mountains? If rising with the sun and being lulled by the push and pull of peaks and valleys makes your breath catch, then mountain backpacking is perfect for you.

Here, you'll traverse forests, emerge through passes, and reach summits while carrying only the essentials to ensure you're energized for the duration of our trip.

Mountain backpacking essentials:
Backpacking Pack 50 +10L Trek 700 
Backpacking Boots Trek 700
Backpacking Rain Jacket Trek 700 - women's and men's

travel backpacking forclaz decathlon

Travel Backpacking

Are you craving to cover the world on foot? Are you looking for freedom, adventure and sharing experiences with people worldwide? Then travel backpacking is your calling.

Here, you're a traveler moving across the globe in search of personal enrichment and of shared experiences with locals in their favorite havens, immersing yourself into their culture. Backpacking guarantees total autonomy so that you can say YES to adventure.

Travel backpacking essentials:
Escape Backpack 50L Travel 500 - women's and men's
Shirt Travel 500 - women's and men's
Pants Travel 500 - women's and men's 

 desert backpacking forclaz decathlon

Desert Backpacking

Are you looking for calm and serenity? Are you pulled to and inspired by open spaces? Then desert backpacking is for you!

Going into the desert is a unique experience. Imagine yourself roaming for multiple days across majestic landscapes until you're totally disconnected from all tethers of society.

Desert backpacking Essentials:
Backpacking Boots Desert 500
Backpacking Long Sleeved Shirt Desert 500 - women's and men's
Anti-UV Backpacking Cap Desert 500


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