4 Fitness Walking Tips for Maximum Summer Pleasure

In summer, nice weather and holidays are a real source of motivation for enjoying the benefits of fitness walking. For some people, the summer period is the perfect moment for restarting a physical activity, but make sure you prepare for your fitness walking sessions for maximum enjoyment!

4 Fitness Walking Tips for Maximum Summer Pleasure
Choose the Right Time of Day to Go Walking

You should always avoid walking when the sun is at its zenith, between noon and 3 p.m. Sweating more won't make you lose more weight!

When you perspire, your body evacuates water to maintain its internal temperature, but not fat. In very hot weather, you risk becoming dehydrated.

It is better to train in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, when temperatures are at their mildest. Sports physician Charles Aisenberg advises against training late in the evening, even if it is tempting to take advantage of longer days "so as not to disturb the sleep cycle".


Make Sure You Stay Hydrated Even if You Don't Feel Thirsty

When fitness walking during the summer, your body loses a lot more water than usual. Water use goes up, which is why you need to stay hydrated.

Whatever you do, don't wait until you're thirsty, because by the time you feel this sensation, it's already too late!

Drink small mouthfuls as often as possible, before, during and after your training. You can drink water, or an energy drink after 45 minutes of exertion.

In order to make up for mineral losses caused by perspiration, you can add 1 or 2 pinches of salt to your drink, or alternate with a drink rich in mineral salts (such as sparkling water).


Tailor Your Training! Start Off Slower Than Usual

When temperatures rise, physical exertion becomes more difficult. So start very slowly to warm up and get your body used to the heat during your exertion.

If you are a former sportsman or woman and are using the summer to get back into exercise, Charles Aisenberg recommends that you "start slowly and forget the level you had before you stopped. This applies to everybody else, too. Set yourself a reasonable objective, so as not to lose your enthusiasm!"


Listen to Your Body

Nausea, headaches and cramp are signs you must heed. They're symptoms of dehydration, possibly even heat-stroke… If you have the slightest doubt, get in the shade, if possible where there's a fresh breeze, and drink water.

When it's hot, you need to know your limits and pay attention to your heart rate, which is the best indicator of your physical condition!

Since it's preferable to properly prepare for a fitness walking session in hot weather, you'll need to choose the right clothing to get the most from fast walking in summer!


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