6 Good Reasons to Run With Your Dog

6 Good Reasons to Run With Your Dog

Have you decided to get (back) into running? How about inviting your dog on your outings? Here are some reasons why you should try out and start canicross.

Get Motivated

The good thing about your four-legged alter ego is that they'll always be up for a walk. You can count on them to give you a boost if you're lacking motivation, whatever the weather or time of day!

Combine Business and Pleasure With Canicross

Your dog needs to go out every day and you need to exercise regularly to unwind and stay fit and healthy. Canicross allows you to kill two birds with one stone: look after yourself and your beloved doggie. As a bonus, synchronizing your sports sessions with some of their weekly walks will save you time.

Improve Your Stride

During a canicross session, the dog sets the pace by leading the way in front, attached to their owner with a bungee line. You will see that, as the dog moves faster than you, you will tend to accelerate to keep up with the pace. A great way to challenge yourself and improve!

Run With Your Dog to Venture Further Afield

Gone are those walks round the block of houses that you both know by heart! This endurance sport will require you to look for longer circuits and break the monotony of your usual walks. Opt for lovely patches of nature away from the town, fresh air and the energizing atmosphere of a forest! Explore new playgrounds, your boisterous bestie will love it!

Enjoy a Special Moment Together

You must have noticed: your ball of fluff loves spending time by your side as much as they love stretching their legs. Combine the 2 and your pet will be delighted! Running with your dog is also a great way to bond with them. United by the effort, your outdoor trips together will bring you closer every time.

Get to Know and Understand Each Other Better

Canicross connects owners to their dogs both literally and figuratively. Such an activity can only work if both are attentive to each other, and focused. This requires a bit of training. In particular, your pet will have to get used to the canicross equipment, learn to follow your instructions and keep a steady pace. In turn, you will have to guide, encourage and reward them. Ultimately: a great bond!

Important: Canicross is not suited to all breeds. For example, short-legged or short-nosed dogs and puppies under one year old must make do with more peaceful walks. Good health is also required to eat up the miles safely. Consult your vet to find out whether or not your loyal companion is well-suited to running.

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