Five tips for never missing a cross trainer session

Five tips for never missing a cross trainer session

You've bought a cross trainer but your motivation to use it is on the wane. How can you keep working out and having fun while you do it? We have five really simple tips to get you back on the road to regular training.

Focus on your goal

So why did you buy a cross trainer in the first place? Did you want to lose weight? Did you just want to work out regularly? Or maybe you play a summer sport and wanted to cross train so you can work on your stamina all year round?

If you have a clear objective like one of these, then it will be easier for you to stay motivated.

If you're trying to lose weight, then you also need to go on a diet to stay on track and keep your motivation levels high. You'll see the effects more quickly and you'll feel twice as good.

To track your progress, use the built-in or wireless screen to record your sessions, the number of calories you burn, kilometers, heart rate and the length of each session.

There's a program for each objective. Follow the program installed on your machine and you'll focus more on your workout and be more relaxed.

If you don't have a program on your machine, you can download apps on to your smartphone or tablet and use them to manage your workouts (e.g. the Domyos smart app is perfect for your cross trainer).

Plan out sessions in your calendar

It's hard to stick at it if you don't plan and organize. You have to make time for cross training for it to be effective.

It's always better to have a 30-minute session than put it off because you don't have time or because you're sitting on your sofa and can't be bothered.

If you plan your sessions weeks and even months ahead and set 45 minutes aside every day, then everything will be clear in your mind and you'll stay motivated for each session.

Going at your own pace, you can choose the time of day that best suits you. If you're a morning person, your session can give you a real energy boost for the rest of the day. If the afternoon's your best time, you can make the most of your lunch break and shower at home at your leisure. And if the evening works for you, it's a great way of letting off steam when you get home from work.

Planning which series, podcasts, and playlists to watch and listen to during your sessions

A good cross training session should last 45 minutes at least. And you can make it even better if you spend it watching a series or listening to a good podcast or an uplifting playlist. There are lots of special workout playlists to choose from if you don't have time to put one together yourself. It'll help you take your mind off the effort you're putting in and let you switch off.

Working out in a place where you feel good

It's a well-known fact that doing exercise is good for body and soul. Cross training at home is a great and safe way of working out, whatever the time of day. To stay motivated, however, think about putting your machine in a place where you feel like working out regularly.

It should be a quiet place with natural light, if possible. Ideally, the surroundings should be nice too. Working out in a garage could be a solution if it's clean and well laid out. If the place you choose is too cold, it could well end up putting you off.

Taking a moment for yourself after each session

You should give yourself time after each session to relax and unwind. Your focus shouldn't just be on your workout.

Depending on how much time you have, you could give yourself ten minutes to stretch or do some yoga or meditation (there are lots of meditation apps to choose from).

If you have a little more time on your hands, you can really switch off by stretching or meditating for longer or by having a bath.

One last piece of advice: drink lots of water during and after each session (1/2 liter) to flush out toxins and help you recover.

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