How to Care For Your Hiking Socks

Did you know? the quality of your socks significantly impacts the quality of your hikes! There are some things you should (and shouldn't) do to get the most out of an essential piece of hiking gear. Here are our tips for caring for your socks and feet. 

How to Care For Your Hiking Socks


Here are our tips for caring for your socks and feet.

1. Have a Sufficient Number of Socks

Do you want to travel light? Pack essentials in your backpack but bring at least 2 pairs of socks.

Note that humidity encourages the formation of blisters on the feet. It is therefore very important to always carry a pair of dry socks for you to walk comfortably, and to change socks when your feet feel humid or if your feet are too sweaty.

2. Treat Your Socks with Care While Trekking

After hiking, take a few minutes to care for your socks after removing your shoes. Do not leave them curled into balls in the corner! It is best to put them inside out and lay them out flat, especially if you have to wear them again several times without washing them; for example, during your trek.

As soon as the first signs of wear and tear appear, throw them away! Threadbare socks increase the risk of developing blisters or even small wounds.

IMPORTANT: Do not iron your socks! Heat weakens their fibers and shortens their life.

3. Take Good Care of Your Socks

In order to maintain the fiber qualities of your socks, we recommend that:

  • You wash socks inside out at 86°F maximum. Do not dry clean.
  • You do not put your socks in the dryer. We recommend that you dry your socks on a flat surface in open air. Unlike what we often used to do, it is rather harmful for socks to be rolled into balls. It is better to place them together and then fold them in 2. Keep your socks in a dry place, away from humidity and light.

    This way, you can enjoy your socks longer!


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