How to Choose a Hiking Fleece

Warm, breathable, compact, brushed material. Having the right polar fleece is essential for not getting cold while hiking. The choice of a polar fleece comes down to 2 criteria: the intensity and outside temperature. Find out which one suits your needs so you can make the most out of your hikes!

How to Choose a Hiking Fleece


1. Exercise intensity

During intense exercise, you sweat more. It's important to wear breathable fleece to keep yourself dry. Breathable fabric can wick away moisture and perspiration more efficiently.

Made of breathable material, our polar fleeces come with zippers so you can control the ventilation depending on your exercise intensity: half chest zip, full zip, side zips under the armpits etc.

During a less intense workout, we warm up slower and sweat less. Breathability is therefore less important. You'll want to choose a polar fleece with better heat retention.

2. Outside temperature

The second criterion is the outside temperature. Depending on the weather, you will need the polar fleece to be cooler or warmer.

For chilly or cold weather (above 44°F)

You can opt for micro-polar fleece: a very fine polar fleece which is lighter and more compact.

For very cold weather (below 44°F)

We recommend a polar fleece with brushed fabric. This type of fabric helps capture more air, the best insulator, and provides better protection from the cold.

Some of our polar fleeces are woven with elastane thread, which gives them greater elasticity so you can enjoy greater freedom of movement, too!


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