How to Choose a Karate Kimono

Are you or your child starting karate but are having trouble choosing a uniform? We can help. There are two criteria to consider when choosing a karate uniform: height and skill level. Read our tips on how to choose a karate kimono

How to Choose a Karate Kimono
1. The Size

Uniforms are unisex and are designed with a single model.

The height of the karateka determines the uniform size.

For a child: sizes range from 3' 3'' to 4' 11''.

For an adult: sizes range from 5' 3'' to 6' 7'' cm.

2. Durability

Because karate is a striking sport, the uniform fabric needs to be light enough for good freedom of movement.

We recommend the following fabric weights:

For novice children for training: a flexible and lightweight woven fabric of 0.6 oz/sqft

For children competing: a sturdier ribbed fabric with a weight of 0.6 oz/sqft

For novice adults for training: a flexible and lightweight ribbed fabric of 0.6 oz/sqft

For adults competing: a thick and durable weight of 1.2 oz/sqft or higher.


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