How to Choose an Adult Scooter

There are all sorts of factors to take into account, like whether your scooter folds up, has suspension, or is suitable for the distances you cover. So how do you choose the right one? You should choose your urban scooter based on three criteria: how long your rides are, the type of surface you ride over, and whether the scooter folds up.‍

How to Choose an Adult Scooter


1. Ride length

Oxelo offers two types of urban scooter, depending on how far you are travelling:

Less than 3 miles, go for a non-electric model

More than 3 miles, go for an electric model‍

2. Surface type

Think about the type of ground that you'll be riding on. If it's irregular or rugged, choose a model that has suspension, especially in the front, and ergonomic handles to dampen vibrations in the legs and the arms.‍

3. Folding or Non-Folding

If you're likely to also take public transport while on your rides or daily commute, opt for an "EasyFold" model. It can be folded in a second and then carried like a suitcase with wheels.

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