Adult Scooters

Adult Scooters

About Our Adult Scooters Collection

Trying to get around the city? Going to work? Maybe you’re just riding around in the park. Wherever you’re going, a scooter will get you there. We have scooters perfectly suited for adults that are both fun and practical to get around in. Our adult scooters come with handlebar brakes for added control, and the handlebar has an adjustable height so you can get a precise fit. The built-in mudguards prevent mess, rain or shine. When you’re done, just fold the scooter and tuck it away until you’re on the move again! Some of the scooters feature double suspension for additional versatility. Interested in pushing your scooter to the limits? We have freestyle scooters that are lightweight yet durable for powerful performance. Find out how to pick one that’s right for you!

Scooter Accessories

Safety is key whether you’re in the park or on the street. Always wear your helmet and pads while riding around, wherever you are! They are durable and keep you safe in the event of a fall or crash. Already have a Decathlon Oxelo scooter? Want to add a little flare to your current one? Keep it healthy and safe to use with accessories and spare parts for a fully kitted out scooter that won’t quit on you during your travels. Find out how to repair your scooter so you never have to stop being on the move!

Kids' Scooters

If you’re looking to ride with your whole family, our kids’ scooters include a colorful and customizable 3 wheel scooter that’s safe for toddlers learning to ride and balance. For slightly older kids we have 3 wheel scooters as well as 2 wheel scooters, some with hand brakes and front suspension for learning control. All of our Oxelo kids scooters are lightweight for easy transport by kids and adults alike.