How to Choose Between Feathers And Padding

Are you having problems deciding between a feather-filled product or a product with padding for when you go for an outdoor adventure? Discover the benefits of each of these materials!

How to Choose Between Feathers And Padding

Are you undecided between feathers and wadding when it comes to hiking products? Would you like to understand the differences between the two so you can make an informed decision? Insulation is the key.

Feathers: Advantages and Disadvantages

In short, feathers offer the best combination of warmth, compact design and low weight. For the same weight, a product with feather insulation will be warmer than a product with wadding insulation.

That said, a feather's worst enemy is the damp. If you go hiking somewhere damp, you may well discover that feathers don't like water. You may have experienced this already: when you wash a down duvet or jacket, it looks like all the down has been lost in the wash.

Of course that isn't the case! But the fine feathers contained in your product have clumped together because of the moisture. Tumble dry your product several times on a low temperature, short program with tennis balls, until it regains its fill power.

It isn't recommended to go under the rain or in a damp environment (jungle or other) with a feather product, the insulation of your jacket or duvet could be reduced to nothing.

And Where Does Padding Fit In All This?

Although feathers have many advantages, polyester padding also has some! Especially since, in recent years, a number of high-performance padding materials, offering improved insulation, better compression and lighter weight, have come onto the market. Padding is often known as synthetic insulation.

The main point of a padded product is its ability to stay insulating and warm even in damp conditions. Ideal when you are going somewhere damp or if you are uncertain about the weather conditions.

Also, padding is very easy to wash!

Has your black pullover already been speckled with small feathers that have got out of your down jacket? That won't happen with padding.

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