How to Pick Your Ski Jacket and Pants

How to Pick Your Ski Jacket and Pants

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right ski jacket and ski pants. You want to be sure that the gear you choose will keep you warm and will provide all the features you need for the type of activity you will be doing.

Think about which activity you will be participating in, what level you are at, and how often you expect to be doing it. An avid skier will have different needs than someone who skis only once or twice per year. You will also want to consider the climate where you will be practicing your sport. Are the temperatures likely to drop way below zero? Will you expect to have wet conditions while you practice your sport? These factors will certainly affect the type of gear you choose and the small details that will make you more comfortable while practicing your sport.


An obvious feature of skiing gear is that it should keep you warm while you are skiing. However, not all gear is exactly the same way and certain types of clothing will give you more protection from the cold than others. Look for high-tech fabrics that are wind-proof and have insulating properties such as down or feather filling. Clothing with fewer seams will provide additional warmth as there will be less chance of cold wind filtering in. Soft fleece can provide comfort and warmth, especially in areas close to the face that will be in direct contact with your skin.


Most skiing gear will be waterproof, but some details will add to the overall resistance of your ski jacket and ski pants. You want to look for clothing made with a 10,000 mm membrane, a fine component applied to the inner surface of the outer fabric; this will prevent water from seeping in and will wick away the moisture created by perspiration. Jackets and pants with sealed or taped seams will provide even more protection from the elements by making them watertight. Sealed seams will often be found on the shoulders and chest areas of a jacket, as these areas are generally the most exposed to snow.

Durability and practicality

Parents who are shopping for ski gear for their kids will certainly want to keep the durability of the clothing in mind. The same goes for regular skiers who want their gear to will last for seasons to come. Look for robust materials coated with water-resistant treatments. These treatments may need additional care with specific products after some time. Ask your in-store sports advisor about the best way to care for your gear and prolong its durability.

Pockets are always practical to have, so look for a ski jacket and ski pants that feature pockets for the essentials you’ll want to have with you on the slopes. A removable hood can also be a great feature for those who plan to wear their ski gear around the resort as well as on the mountain.

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