How to Stick With Your New Year's Resolution

How to Stick With Your New Year's Resolution

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Decathlon knows that a lot of people make New Year's Resolutions around fitness. Maybe you want to lift more weights or pick up running--whatever your fitness goal may be, we want to support you 100%. But how can you make sure you cross the finish line?

Think small, think realistically

The easiest way to set yourself up for failure is to be vague or very difficult to attain. Looking to run 10 miles by the end of the year? Want to deadlift 200 pounds? Think about the smaller steps before painting the big picture. When you expect yourself to accomplish a large goal, every bit of progress you make along the way will look tiny in comparison. That's why you should make your resolutions in small increments. Instead of aiming to run 10 miles by the end of the year, resolve to run for 10 minutes straight by the end of January, or run 1 mile without stopping by the end of April. Resolve to begin deadlifting with just a few pounds first to learn proper form, then add a little more each week to keep yourself challenged. Once you reach this subgoal, move on to your next one!

Be specific

Promising yourself that you'll "eat better" or "exercise more" is a nice but vague goal. If you don't have anything concrete set in mind, you're not going to have anything to aim for. Additionally, it'll be impossible to keep track of your own progress because you won't have any personal metrics to compare yourself to.

Use a solid metric you can keep track of and improve upon from day to day, week to week, or month to month. Instead of resolving to eat better, perhaps focus in on replacing one meal a week with a salad (remember--think small and realistically as well) and graudate from there. Instead of resolving to exercise more, focus on going on a long walk around town or on a treadmill every Saturday and then going up from there.

Forgive yourself

You're only human. You'll go through setbacks, you'll hit obstacles, and you'll reach plateaus. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you--nor that does mean you should give up. Instead, anticipate some snags along the way so you can be mentally prepared to aknowledge them and get through them without punishing yourself or making yourself feel like a failure. When you feel like you've hit a rough patch, try to concentrate on just sticking to your resolution and don't think of trying to make progress. Once you feel like that rough patch is up, then you can go back to tracking improvement.

Reward yourself!

If your goal is to exercise more, to eat better, or to get to a healthier weight then make sure you reward yourself when you hit the small goals you set for yourself along the way! Treat yourself to a special experience--a massage, a night at the opera, a weekend vacation--that won't interfere with your goals. With this, you'll be able to motivate yourself to accomplish your the next goal in your resolution.


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