Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Start Running

Keep Your New Year's Resolution to Start Running

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Want hit the ground running into the new year? What's great about running is that you can adjust it to any level you're comfortable with. You can challenge yourself at your own pace!

The game plan

If you're new to being active on your feet, start with a lot of walking. Walk for 10 minutes to get warmed up and then start running for 5 minutes at a pace where you can still hold a conversation. If you start out already huffing and puffing, you're not going to enjoy getting active. You want a controlled effort, not a sprint!

Set a goal of doing three separate 5-minute runs. Between these, take a 2-minute walk to rest slightly before embarking on another 5-minute stint. After you've done 3 sets of 5 minutes, cool down with a 10-minute walk. When you're ready to challenge yourself, increase the amount of 5-minute runs you do or graduate your running sets to be a little bit longer.


To start, try to do this just once every 2 days. If you're looking for a good interval to guide your progress, consider increasing your total weekly running time by about 10% every three weeks. This way, your body can adapt to running. This three-week period can be shortened once you and your body are more accustomed to running. Eventually, you'll be able to run a full 20 minutes withou needing any walking breaks!

Before you begin!

Check with your doctor before you engage in overly-vigorous physical activity. And don't forget the running is an aerobic exercise, meaning other forms fo exercise like cycling and swimming will help your running performance. If you need a break from running, consider different cardio-intensive exercises (even on days you don't run!). If someone in your life is looking to start their fitness journey as well, as them to join you! It's easier to run when you're in good company.

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