March Madness 2018: Our Take on the Final Four

March Madness 2018: Our Take on the Final Four

The time has come: four teams have proved themselves worthy enough to make their way into the Final Four. The top #1 seeds Kansas and Villanova will battle it out in order to make it to the finals. On the west, Loyola-Chicago will face the Michigan Wolverines to see who advances.

What's important to know:

  • Kansas’ biggest strengths are their three guards who all have the potential of making it to the NBA.
  • The biggest weakness is the fact their players receive too many fouls early, and their free throw percentage is abysmal.
  • Villanova's biggest strength is their offense. They've out-scored high ranking teams like Gonzaga by double digits, all the while many of their players have been shooting 39% or higher from the 3-point line.
  • Their biggest weakness? Every other team in the Final Four is more than capable of competing against or defeating Villanova.
  • Michigan Wolverines has one of the best adjustable defenses in the tournament, being their top strength. In their most recent game against FSU, the Wolverines contested 90% their shots, which is a hard number to beat.
  • Michigan has a tough time producing a good offense, making it difficult to light up the scoreboard.
  • Loyola Chicago’s strength is their agility and quickness, not to mention shooting 40% from the 3 point line while having a top 20 defense. This bracket busting team has definitely put on a show.
  • Their weakness is that they lack enough talented players to compete against the other teams in the Final Four. 


We wish good luck to the remaining teams!

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