New to Basketball? Avoid These Beginner Mistakes

New to Basketball? Avoid These Beginner Mistakes

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New to the court? Are you looking to get into the basketball the right way? Decathlon has you covered! We've developed this non-exhaustive list of things you should watch out while learning the ropes.

Avoid using the wrong dribble form

There are numerous ways to perfect your dribble--and there are just as many ways to mess up! When you're dribbling the ball, there's no need to fully exert yourself; this will give the ball control. When starting out, you'll want to look down towards the ball to ensure you know where it's going. While this is fine intially, you should progress quickly to not needing to look at the ball as this makes it harder to maintain proper form. Ideally, you dribble with your head up, back straight, and your knees bent. Apply enough power to your dribble so that the area of the ball control doesn't go above your knees.

If you're looking to gain true mastery of your dribble, consider using your non-dominant hand first so you can easily learn to weave between them.

Avoid shooting incorrectly

When you're shooting, don't straighten your legs. Bend your knees a little and begin to straighten out as you reach the peak of your movement (culminating in the release of the ball). This will add some pump to the shot and improve your accuracy.

You may know it already, but make sure you practice maintaining your follow through. This will also improve accuracy. After shooting, keep your form still with your hand frozen in the post-throw position (like you're posing for a great basketball photo). This'll help you line up the shot and you'll more likely make it into the hoop.

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Avoid doing an illegal pivot

If you have the ball and you're standing in place, you need to make sure you're not making an illegal move when you go to shoot or pass. When you're on your pivot foot, make sure you don't lift it or else it will count as traveling. To practice, dribble down the court quickly and jump into your stopping position. To make a full 360-degree turn, do a quick swivel about your stationary foot, then do another. You should be back at your initial position. Then try releasing the ball via a pass or a shot or get back to dribbling without lifting up your stationary foot. This ensures you won't get called out

Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

This goes for any new skill you're learning. Consistency is key. Make sure you're tracking your practice so you can see how you're improving over time. This'll ensure you'll stay motivated while also being able to see the progress you're making! Getting tired but still having fun? PUSH! Get some last few moves in even when you feel like you've expended all your energy. You're improving your endurance when you challenge yourself at your limits.

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