Perfect Partner Workouts for Valentine's Day

Perfect Partner Workouts for Valentine's Day

a pair of yoga mats and wrist/ankle weights make for a better workout


Looking for some workouts to do with your partner for Valentine's day? Want to introduce your partner to fitness or challenge them with something new? Maybe you and your best friend just want to get fit together. Whatever it is, we have the perfect partner exercises to help you and your workout buddy on your journey.

Squat with overhead pass

Standing with your partner back-to-to back (with a few: inches of separation), hold a medicine ball over your head. Pass it backwards to your partner. When the ball is securely in your partner's hands, immediately perform a squat together, moving the ball down to the floor. Have your partner roll the ball between their legs, grab the ball, and return to the starting posiiton. Switch roles after a few sets.

Hook squat

Back-to-back, making contact with your partner, hook your arms into each other's so they're entwined. Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your backs straight. Coordinating together, turn in a circle in an agreed-upon direction. After completing the circle, turn in the other direction.


This one is a little more freeform and a real exercise in trust. If you have some, grab some boxing equipment (gloves, punch mitts, maybe even a helmet). Spar with your partner, landing some good punches or maybe even some good kicks. Stay safe!

Sit-up pass

Feet flat on the floor facing each other, lie down on your backs with knees bent. Holding the medicine ball, perform a sit-up together and pass the ball to your partner at the peak of the movement. When you're both back down on the floor, have your partner tap the ball on the floor behind them. Keep going, alternating the passing and tapping of the medicine ball.

Some variants have feet intertwined, or slightly surpassing one another (with one foot between the other's two). Alternatively, can have your partner stand on your feet and pass the ball back and forth at the apex of your movement.

Wall sit/tricep dip

Perform a wall sit with your back flush against the wall, knees bent so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Have your partner perform tricep dips using your knees as their support. To increase the diffiulty of your squat, extends your legs so they are farther from you. Keep steady!

Push-up with shoulder tap

On a mat, ace your partner and get ready in peak plank position. Perform a push-up together. At the top of the movement, tap your partner's left shoulder with your right hand as they do the same to you. Alternate hands for each rep. See who can do more!

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