Volleyball: What Are the Benefits?

Volleyball is the only non-contact team sport. Whatever form of the game you play, it's all about reacting fast, staying loose and being explosive. It's a game you can enjoy as soon as you start playing and no matter where you play, especially on the beach. It's a sport where team spirit and coordination count. Check out our guide on the benefits of volleyball for your muscles, reflexes and mental agility.

Volleyball: What Are the Benefits?
Stay Balanced

Volleyball builds up your coordination. Both attacking and defending are a question of balance.

Even in beach volleyball, you won't be able to defend much if you keep falling over!

Playing volleyball is a great way to develop your balance and coordination. Attacking and defending help you work on your reflexes and your agility. You need to be quick and light on your feet and jumping develops your proprioception.

With volleyball's techniques and moves, you'll get a full and balanced workout focused on your speed, reflexes, agility and coordination.

Building Trust

The rules of volleyball make it one of the best team sports: there's no contact with the opposition and you're not allowed to keep the ball to yourself!

With teams allowed to take only three touches before hitting the ball over the net and players are prohibited from playing the ball twice in a row, you're constantly passing to and receiving from your teammates.

Some positions also come with specific responsibilities: when you're a passer, you organize plays and ensure your team mates are in the right positions to attack. In the libero position, you specialize in receiving and making life easier for your attacking team-mates. So to keep the ball in the air, you need to trust your team mates and the cohesion of the team!


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