Warm Fleeces You'll Want This Fall Under $30

Warm Fleeces You'll Want This Fall Under $30

As the weather cools down and the winds pick up, there's nothing better than staying snug and warm through the season. That's why we compiled fleeces that are great on their own, or excellent to layer under soft shell and down jackets. In 2018, 75% of our fleece collection was made from recycled plastic bottles. By 2021, our hiking brand Quechua aims to make 100% of fleeces with recycled materials!


1. Eco-design: Hiking Fleece Forclaz 50

Ecodesign Decathlon Fleece 504.5/5 stars | $8.99


Made from 100% recycled polyester.

Over a year, with the woman's Forclaz 50:

  • 10 million plastic bottles (0.26 gal) recycled

  • 621 tons less waste for the planet

43% water saved*
58% energy saved*
54% less CO2 emissions for the planet*

    "Amazing value" For the price this is excellent with a reasonable amount of stretch and good warmth." - Yvonne


    2. Hiking Fleece Forclaz 200Affordable Fleece Forclaz Decathlon

    4.5/5 stars | $17.90

    Insulation without over-sweating. Ideal for temperatures between 45-50 F degrees. Comes in multiple patterns and colors! 

    "Good material, comfortable" Material is very soft, comfortable, maintenance is easy." - Prateeksha


    3. Hiking Fleece Jacket Forclaz 400

    Forclaz 400 Women4.5/5 stars | $22.90-$27.90

    Warm, stretchy with two hand pockets and chest pocket. Good for all seasons. 

    "Excellent" Fabulous jacket so warm just what I was looking for. - Caroline







    1. Eco-design: Mountain Hiking Fleece Forclaz 50


    Men Ecodesign Fleece Under $104.4/5 stars | $8.99

    Made with 100% recycled polyester. Lightweight at 10.1 oz, easily compressed for packing and won't crease during washes.

    Over a year, for the Forclaz 50 men's fleece this means:
    22 million plastic bottles (33.8 fl oz) recycled 

    • 1,367 less tons of waste for the planet

    43% water saved*
    58% energy saved*
    54% less CO2 emissions for the planet*

      "Amazing product" Wore this at 13k feet. very warm. Cheap and best. Highly recommended to everyone. - Tosheeb


      2. Mountain Hiking Fleece Forclaz 200

      4.4/5 stars $13.90-$17.90

      Simple, practical warmth with two pockets for hand warmth.

      "Fantastic product" Excellent fit and great value for money. Also, very stylish design and keeps me warm." -Prasad


      3. Hiking Fleece Forclaz 200

      Mountain Hiking Fleece Under $20 Decathlon4.4/5 stars |  $17.90

      Warm high color with brushed microfleece inside. Lightweight and ultra comfortable.

      "Best Quality" Very good to use in mild winter good quality of fabric that keeps your body warm. -Sunny






      4. Mountain Hiking Fleece Forclaz 500

      4.4/5 stars | $20.90-$26.90

      Forclaz 500 Decathlon Fleece





      Warm fleece, high protective neck, extra breathability under arms. 

      "Excellent" This is my second one. First one lasted two well worn years. I will be buying more!" -Owen







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