What Do I Need to Play Golf in the Winter?

Pale sunlight, a freezing cold wind, and scarves that seem to get thicker and thicker around your neck... Winter is here, but that’s no reason to lock away your golf kit out of sight in a closet. There's a way to stay warm in the wintertime, even when golfing!

What Do I Need to Play Golf in the Winter?


The secret is in the layers.

  • The first layer: sweater vests
    The purpose of the first layer, the one closest to your skin, is to protect you against the cold. Opt for a soft turtle neck sweater vest that does not restrict your movements.
  • The second layer: sweaters
    Once your body is protected against the biting cold, the second layer will keep you warm throughout your round of golf. So choose a warm sweater that allows you to swing in comfort.
  • The third layer: jackets
    Fleeces, rain jackets or windbreakers form the third layer that protects you against the weather. Choose your third layer according to the outdoor temperature; Inesis jackets are water-repellent and will protect you against very fine drizzle. Ideally, you should have your rain clothes in your bag when you set off. If you are drenched by the 10th, then the rest of your round will be thoroughly miserable!
  • Warm legs: the golfer's secret
    To keep their legs warm throughout a round of golf that lasts 4 hours, golfers wear several layers. Many golfers wear warm running tights under their golf slacks. Just like a sweater vest, they will help you to forget the cold completely.
  • Keep your hands warm: gloves
    Have you ever tried to play golf with freezing cold and wet hands? You need to protect your hands in order to keep your mind on your game throughout the round. Depending on the weather, choose a pair of waterproof gloves or a pair of warm winter gloves that guarantee a comfortable grip.

  • Keep your head dry: umbrellas
    Golf umbrellas are an essential accessory all year round that fit easily in your bag and will become your best friend, if you run into an unexpected shower on the fairway. The different sizes of Inesis umbrellas can be hooked easily onto your cart or held in your hand to shelter your fellow players from the rain. Who said that golf is not a team sport?

  • Keep your feet dry: shoes
    In wet winter weather, the fairway is rarely gentle on a golfer’s feet. To avoid catching cold and finish your game with a smile and dry feet, choose waterproof shoes with studs that are warmer and more comfortable.


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