What's the Correct Tire Pressure for Your Bike?

What's the Correct Tire Pressure for Your Bike?

Tire pressure is often overlooked by the casual cyclist. Some just pump it up to shape, while others go to the other extreme by pumping the tire rock-solid. Many also forget that they should keep their tire pressure inflated even when they're not using the bike for a long period of time. However, tire pressure is important, as it helps your bike to function optimally.

Equipment you will need to get started

1. The bicycle wheel you want to inflate

2. Floor pump OR hand pump

City & folding bikes

City & Folding Bikes are normally used for leisure cycling or transportation, and ridden in an urban setting. Therefore, the emphasis is on maintaining comfort while ensuring a reasonable level of rolling efficiency. Regardless of tire diameter, the pressure recommended for these types of bikes is between 50-60psi.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are normally used for off-road riding. The kind of terrain a mountain biker typically encounters are dirt, roots and rocks. Therefore, the emphasis is on control and the tire needs to be able to grip well and minimize bouncing off of obstacles. We advise a tire pressure of between 25-30psi for mountain biking. However, some cyclists may mostly use their mountain bike for commuting or running errands. For this of usage, we recommend slightly higher pressures of between 40-50psi to gain efficiency without sacrificing too much comfort.

Road bikes

Road bikes are usually ridden for long distances of at least 60km or more. Road cyclists usually prioritize rolling efficiency and grip, with comfort being the next priority. While tire pressures can be lowered to marginally improve comfort and grip, its rolling efficiency will suffer too much. This is why tire pressure is normally maintained at a relatively high level of 90-100psi. Some tires are rated to go even higher, and heavier riders may also choose to increase the tire pressure as well.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes, like their name suggests, are a mix of all different kinds of bikes. They are designed for leisure riding at a reasonable performance level on all but the most demanding terrain. So its no surprise that the ideal pressure is somewhere between all the different bicycle types at 70-80psi.

Kids' bikes

Children are much lighter than adults; therefore we advise using a tire pressure of around 40psi for most kids' bikes. For adolescents between 12-16 years old who are starting to ride on adult bikes, you may use the same tire pressure recommended for adults, depending on the type of bike.

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