Wimbledon Recap: Why Serena Williams is the Toughest Tennis Player Alive

Wimbledon Recap: Why Serena Williams is the Toughest Tennis Player Alive

Serena Williams. Tennis Player. Entrepreneur. Super Star. There are very few households that don’t know her name. Whether it be for her domination on the tennis court, her business smarts or her fresh-to-death style.

However, in an upset turn of events this past weekend, Serena Williams lost in the finals at Wimbledon. While many fans were disappointed, they may not realize that only ten months ago the tennis goddess herself almost died.

After an emergency C-section resulting in the birth of her beautiful daughter Olympia, Serena had severe complications. The Williams sister suffered a pulmonary embolism the day after the birth where a blood clot clogged one or more of the arteries in her lungs, leaving her short of breath. Coughing fits influenced by the embolism caused her C-section wound to reopen. When the doctors went to fix the wound they found a large hematoma (swelling due to clotted blood) in her abdomen.

Serena spent the next six weeks bedridden. She considers herself incredibly lucky to be alive. Last week, her husband tweeted out in support of her perseverance saying that even walking to the mailbox was a challenge for a month after the surgery. But only four months later, she was playing competitive matches at the Fed Cup. Meanwhile, I didn’t play tennis for two months after spraining my ankle.

So let’s not focus on the recent loss. The fact that Serena can play at all is a win in my book. Let’s not forget that she won her last Grand Slam while eight weeks pregnant. Claps to the queen for being an absolute legend.

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