Polyamide Socks

Polyamide Socks

About Our Polyamide Socks Collection

Looking to keep your feet warm this winter? Our Artengo brand has just the thing: warm polyamide socks that’ll keep your feet cozy while you’re out adventuring in the cold. We have socks that are designed to be thin so they don’t weigh you down while hiking, backpacking, or hunting. They’re breathable so you won’t get too hot, and they’re moisture wicking so you can keep going. They’re even quick drying so you can use them for all your outdoor activities!

Sport Socks

If you’re looking for socks that are a bit more heavy duty, we have a whole host of athletic socks for your every sport and every terrain. If you’re going out in the snow, we have snow socks that are extra warm. And if you’re going out in the sun, we have ultra-light socks that keep your feet cool. No matter what you need, Decathlon will have you covered. 

Toe socks 

Don’t let your toes get chilly! Stay toasty in toe socks that are designed to be warm and comfortable. We even have toe socks that are extra durable so you can put a lot of mileage on them. 

Sport socks

No matter what sport you’re doing, we have socks for cycling and running as well as hiking and backpacking socks for your every adventure. 


Don’t let your hands get cold either! We have gloves to keep your hands warm while you’re out and about. 


If you’re looking for footwear to go with your socks and gloves, we