Snow Hiking Down Jackets

Snow Hiking Down Jackets

About Our Snow Hiking Down Jackets Collection

Setting off on an adventure in the mountains? Traveling to a snowy locale? Or just want to prepare for winter? We have down puffer jackets to meet your needs and keep you cozy. Whether you’re heading on an adventure to the highest peaks, camping out in the chilly wilderness, or simply want to curl up by a fire with a mug of cocoa, we have exactly what you need.

Down Jacket Features

If you’re looking to stay warm this winter, you’ve come to the right place. Decathlon has a whole host of down puffer jackets to prepare you for the demanding conditions of the outdoors and the cozy conditions of the indoors. They are lightweight and some are compact enough to be put away into their own pockets for easy storage without taking up too much space in your backpack. Many of our down jackets feature water repellent technology to keep you on the move even in wet weather.

Our puffer down jackets are made with premium duck feathers and our down is sourced humanely. These jackets are made to withstand the wind and the cold by trapping thermal insulation within the feathers. Down is ultra light, ensuring you won’t be weighed down on your biggest hikes. Many of our down jackets are water repellent, meaning they’re perfect for when you’re caught off guard by some light weather. 

Down Jacket Care

Wanting to know how to take care of and wash your down jacket? Check out our guide so you can make the most of your gear and make it last as long as your adventures. We also carry cleaning kits for our most specialized products.

Down Jackets for the Whole Family

We design and create hiking gear for men, women, and kids so your whole family can come along on the big trip! Come see why we rank amongst the best down jackets in the world.