Innovation at Decathlon

Innovation at Decathlon

Innovation for all.

Our inspiration comes from our love of sport and from everyday people. By creating top quality technical sports products and making them available at the lowest possible prices, we serve our common mission: bringing sports to everyone.

Packaging and advertising may help sell products but they also drive up prices. Imagine the same quality at nearly half the price. It’s not only possible, it’s how we do business. At Decathlon, we invest in ideas and innovation. In return, you get the highest quality, most affordable sports products and gear out there.

Subea Easybreath Snorkeling Mask >>>

Innovation for sustainability.

Co-innovation for accessibility and sustainability is foundational to Decathlon’s approach. Those commitments infuse our product design like in the Arpenaz 10 liter backpack, one of our best selling products. Reducing the number of stitching panels from 21 to 8 means not only less material used on fewer assembly lines but also an increase in the number of articles shipped per box. Drastically reducing packaging and waste helps the planet, and helps keeps the cost down for our customers.

<<< Quechua NH100 10 Liter Backpack

Innovation for ah-ha moments.

We get inspired by our customer’s suggestions. We listen to your big ideas and create new sporting products or improve existing ones accordingly. Take the Quechua 2 Second Tent. This quick-pitch innovation came from campers saying they wanted an easier and faster way to set up their tent. We agreed and got to designing and engineering our pop-up tent solution. Ten years later, we’re still looking for ways to make it better, like the 2016 Fresh & Black tent that keeps things cooler and darker for a better night’s sleep.

Quechua 2 Second Tent >>>

Innovation for performance.

Whatever your skill level or experience, we‘re innovating products to make them more affordable, comfortable and enjoyable. Take the Artengo tennis racket with SoftFeel technology. By combining thin layers of balsa wood and graphite, impact vibrations are reduced by 50%. Instead of tennis elbow ending the game, more players can play more often and more comfortably.

We listen to and observe athletes in action in our Research & Development center. We explore prototyping in our Industrial division and gather data at the SportsLab. We analyze the human body in motion and design accordingly.

<<< Artengo TR900 Tennis Racket

Innovation for quality.

It feels good to put good out into the world. At Decathlon, quality is stitched into our mission. If a product earns less than stellar reviews, we will pull it from our shelves until we find a way to improve it. We offer at least a two year warranty on all our products. We consider quality not only with performance but safety as well.

This commitment to quality extends to the treatment of our customers and our community. We provide exceptional service at every turn—in store and online.

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Products Inspired by Innovation

Easybreath Mask

The Easybreath is the first snorkeling face mask that lets you see and breathe in water as easily as on land.

Decathlon developed about 30 working prototypes and performed nearly 50 lab and field tests before arriving at the patented Easybreath we know today.

The Rollnet

The Rollnet can be set up in under 5 seconds on any surface between 0.5 and 5 cm thick. Invented and designed by Decathlon, the Rollnet lets you play table tennis wherever and whenever you want.

Decathlon developed and fine-tuned this net for three years. About 20 prototypes were designed and a patent was filed before the product was brought to market.

2 Second Tent

Challenged with the idea to create a tent that can "assemble itself," our team of product engineers and designers got to work.

After 6 months of work, the first prototypes were produced. Soon after, we unveiled the revolutionary 2 Second tent. Following product feedback over the years, our Quechua design teams, now based in the Mont Blanc Valley in the French Alps, developed a new system to fold up the 2 Second tent more easily and faster.

NH100 Backpack

Operational efficiency, lower production, packaging costs, and simplified systems enable us to offer fair and affordable prices.

For the NH100 10 liter backpack, our creators, researchers, and designers cut production time by improving the unique folding and sewing process.


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