Meet the Eco-Designed NH500 Hiking Shoe

A shoe designed for discovering nature - while leaving as small a footprint as possible. To better protect our planet, our goal is that all of our products will be eco-designed by 2026.

Meet the Eco-Designed NH500 Hiking Shoe

At Decathlon, we are committed to preserving and protecting our environment. We know that the products we design and create have an impact on our planet, and that's why we aim to build gear that can last longer, be reused, repaired or recycled and are created and produced with the health of our environment in mind.

By 2026, our goal is to have 100% of our products be eco-designed. 

The NH500 Hiking Boots, available in both low and high top, waterproof models, are designed to comfortably explore nature while having the smallest environmental footprint - and as many recycled and natural materials - as possible. The shoe upper, webbing and laces are made with 100% recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles). Thirty percent of the rubber sole is made with recycled tires, without compromising comfort or grip.  

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