3 Reasons to Start Skating

Ease back into a fitness routine with a fun and exciting new sport.
3 Reasons to Start Skating

After a few months of hibernating from the cold (and likely working out indoors), getting moving again can sometimes feel impossible. Whether it's fear of injury, a lack of motivation, or breathlessness, you can feel rusty and out of shape. The solution? Skating!‍ Quad or inline, rolling through the park, or to the store is a great way to have fun and stay active. Here are a few reasons why we think you should give skating a try!

‍1. It's Fun

To avoid the mindset of "I can't", it's important to do something that will give you an instant feel-good hit. With its sense of freedom and lack of constraints, almost anyone can enjoy this activity. It's a fun way to get back into fitness or tap into your inner child. It's also a cheap option that's easily accessible, and can be done alone or socially distanced with a friend.

2. A Gentle Activity For Your Body
Skating is an activity that minimizes the impact on your joints, particularly the cartilage in your ankles, knees and hips. There's no jumping or landing involved! Instead, you've got constant gliding contact with the floor, like with Nordic skiing or walking. What other reason could you need to pull on your skates and get going? But be aware that falls can be rather painful. If you want to skate safely, it's worth investing in the right protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards). Don’t worry about looking like a beginner… your body with thank you if you take a fall.
‍3. Improves Your Fitness‍

Skating activates a variety of muscle groups in your body including your abs, back, glutes and leg muscles. Since it combines different movements it helps build and stretch all of these muscles. ‍Skating also helps improve your circulation, stimulates and strengthens your cardiovascular system and, when done regularly, reduces the risk of heart disease as you get older.‍

Skating is a great all-round activity combining exercise with fun. Perfect for getting fit without even realizing it. Check out our Instagram for skate inspiration!


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