4 Tips to Make Your Tennis Racket Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Your Tennis Racket Last Longer

You’ve been searching for ages and you have finally found the perfect tennis racket! Maybe it’s the Artengo TR990 Pro, maybe it’s the TR560, or perhaps it’s something else. No matter what, you’re pumped and ready to play. Before you begin, have you thought of where you will store your racket or how you will go about preventing damage? It is pivotal to take proper care of your racket so it can last through your defending championships and matches to come.

Consider storing location

One of the worst things you can do to your racket is leave it in a car after you play (as my dad reminded me every time). If temperatures are high, the heat can ruin the handle, warp the body and loosen the strings. For this reason it is also important to keep your spare racket out of the sun. Be careful not to not leave your racket somewhere to cold as it can make your strings dead. The best place to store your tennis racket at home is at room temperature in a place location, where it is unlikely to be crushed by the pressure of other items. Try to avoid putting your racket with your checked luggage when traveling so that the racket is less likely to get damaged in the process.


decathlon restringing tennisThere is also general upkeep of the racket that should be taken into account. This involves getting your racket restrung as many times per year as you play per week. For example, if you play 3 times a week you should get your racket restrung at least 3 times per year. At Decathlon, we offer a free stringing service if you buy Artengo strings, or service at competitive rate if you bring your own (contact your local Decathlon store to enquire about our pricing).


Be sure not to forget about your overgrip as well, when this wears down you may start twisting your hand which can result in arm problems. If your hands sweat frequently while you play, it'll be worthwhile to get an absorbent overgrip to prevent from the racket slipping. (I myself am guilty of not replacing my grip when needed, resulting in my racket flying out of my hand in a humid New York summer). Decathlon will replace your grip for you at no charge with any grip purchase.

Protecting the head

A few preventative measures that ensure your racket does not get scratched or broken would be protective tape to put around the head so it will not be affected if you scrape your racket on the ground. Another easy way to keep your racket safe is to buy a sleeve or bag for it. Many of these even have insulation to keep the racket from getting too hot or cold. Decathlon has a wide range of rackets to bags ranging from $9.99 to $63.90, and everything in between.

Hopefully these tips will help your racket last longer, and it looking shiny for years to come. Have fun and stay safe out there!

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