Summer Fitness Challenge

Summer Fitness Challenge

With summer upon us, the fitness training team has a challenge for you: exercise four times in the space of a week, for less than 20 minutes each time.

Day 1: 10 minutes of skipping

What better way to have fun and burn calories than with a jump rope? Start with 10 minutes of jumping - without stopping - alternating between jumping and hopping.

Day 2: 7 minutes of Pilates

For a toned, flexible body, there's nothing quite like a Pilates session! Pilates is packed full of simple, effective exercises. From core strength to flexibility, it'll build muscle and stretch your body to prevent back pain.

Day 3: 7 minutes of yoga

Yoga is your chance to refocus and become more aware of your body. Try 5 different poses and try to fit them in whenever you've got a spare 7 minutes!

Day 4: boxing routine

Strengthen your body with some cardio boxing exercises! This routine trains your cardio fitness but at an achievable level of intensity, with recovery periods lasting at least 30 seconds (half the length of each exercise). We're challenging you to do 24 minutes in all: 3 sets of 5 exercises lasting 1 minute each, with 30 seconds of recovery in between.

Day 5: 3 healthy recipes

Want something a bit different when dining al fresco or meeting up with friends for a drink? Try three tasty, healthy, savory recipes such as:
- Spinach, leek and fromage frais samosas.
- Flavored hummus: cauliflower and broccoli.
- Creamy sweet potato gratin.

Day 6: 6-minute flat stomach challenge

It's time to activate those abs with a set of special "flat tummy" exercises! Take just 6 minutes and directly target the layer of fat over your stomach to tone your abs. Pair this kind of workout with a "squats" session to train your bum.

Day 7: Downtime

Well done for managing to fit these quick routines into your week. Give yourself a pat on the back! Day 7 is your chance to rest your body so that it can recover. Use this rest day to fit in a meditation session.

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