The Simple Guide to Beginning Yoga

The Simple Guide to Beginning Yoga

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." — Lao Tzu


If you have ever pondered the idea of beginning to practice yoga, but have been intimidated by the wide variety of options, or simply by feeling that you “aren’t flexible enough” - you are not alone. Many have voiced that the reason they aren’t getting into yoga is because they would not be able to keep up with the instructor or fold into poses as deep as others.

The first thing I tell these people is, “The beauty of yoga lies in the sole reason that it is a non-judgemental practice. No one is monitoring your flexibility, strength, or progress.” Even you should not be focused on these aspects. By honing into your breath and movements, these factors will come with time and you will naturally progress to meet your goals.

Don’t be embarrassed by what feels right - embrace the feelings that make you feel connected with the self, and disregard any judgemental thoughts that may float through during your practice. Let them pass with ease, and continue to focus on aligning your movements with breathing. From here, the rest will all fall into place.

Starting is simple if you have the proper equipment and right mindset. The basics you’ll need are simple:

  • A proper yoga mat to keep you comfortable and grounded during your practice
  • Proper clothing, both for men and women, that will feel like a second-skin to make you forget about them and solely focus on your practice
  • Any additional equipment, such as blocks or straps, to enhance and deepen your poses

If you do not have the time to outsource yoga classes, you can begin your practice in the comfort of your own home (definitely no judgement here!). I began my practice by following video instructions at home and I couldn’t stop once I began.


Tips to get started:

  • Start looking at different types of yoga practice (we have Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Restorative to help guide you to discover various types of practice)
  • Search instructors and videos online for inspiration and guidance
  • Try with a friend! Trying a new sport is always fun when you can share it with others and help each other improve!

My most sincere wishes that you begin your practice and feel the same benefits from yoga as many of us do!


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