Warm Winter Jackets

Warm Winter Jackets

About Our Warm Winter Jackets Collection

At Decathlon, we have an in-house brand focused exclusively on creating the best hiking & camping gear at the best prices: Artengo. Our Artengo brand designs down jackets to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’re made with lightweight and breathable fabrics so you can transition easily between seasons. They’re designed to be compact so they don’t take up much space in your backpack. Many of our down jackets feature water repellent technology so you can stay protected from the elements.

Hiking Jackets

Our hiking jackets are perfect for the trails and the outdoors. They’re lightweight and flexible so you won’t be weighed down on your travels and they’re made with breathable material so you can stay cool even in damp and muggy conditions. Many of our jackets feature water repellent technology to keep you protected from the elements. The elastic at the bottom of the jacket ensures a comfortable fit even when you’re sitting down.

Sport Jackets

If you’re going out for a hike and want something a little more heavy-duty, we have a whole host of athletic jackets for your outdoor needs. They’re perfect for hiking in the fall and winter and for other outdoor activities like skiing, cycling, and climbing. Our jackets are made to be warm, waterproof, and breathable so you’re protected from the elements no matter what you do. Many of our jackets feature waterproof zippers so you can be ready for anything.